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Why choose BLUEBOO LED street lights

● All of our chips are selecting CREE original chips.

● Automatic controlling system for heat sinking.

● DIY maintenance ,to save more time and maintenance cost.

● Intelligent system to save more energy and make life perfect.

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Illuminant transformation

What is LED?

LED lights structure

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are solid-state semiconductor devices that can convert electrical energy directly into light. The heart of an LED is semiconductor chip of which one side is attached on the top of an anvil that is negative power lead. It is the most important part of the LED. the other side of the semiconductor is connected with a micro wire often referred to as the whisker which supplies the positive current . It is encapsulated in such a way as the upper half of the epoxy resin encapsulation is precisely shaped and acts as a lens to alter the beam angle or divergence.

LED illumination principle

LED chip is the conjunction of p-type (dominated by holes) and N-type semiconductors (dominated by electrons).when an electric current is applied to the chip through the lead, holes and electrons are forced to move and combine and then release energy in form of a photon.

LED illumination principle

Advantages of LED

LED has various advantages as below Even though LED technology is still developing ,as light source of future, LED has incomparable advantages than fluorescent lamps.

Advantages of LED

History of LED

1907:Henry Joseph round discovers the physical effect of electroluminescence. But as he is working on a new radio direction finding method for marine vessels this discovery is initially forgotten.

1993:highly efficient Lighting diodes emitting in the blue and green spectrum are demonstrated. The conditions for creating white light are met.

1996:The fist LED with white light created by luminescence conversion is launched.

History of LED

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