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LED outdoor lights-BLUEBOO Outdoor lights

BLUEBOO LED outdoor light, the first LED light source, uses DIY self-assembly design, combining intelligent temperature control with dimmer, utilizing imported chips, high-quality green materials, independent designed mould and driver, which makes a good solution for heat dissipation of LED light Source.

New applications of LED outdoor lights with DIY self-assembly technology:

1 Free assembly of components.

2 Independent installation of LED bar.

3 plug-in structure of driver with free assembly.

4 Energy-saving and green, components can be reused, only needs 5 replace drivers and LEDs.

5 Saving labor cost and time.

Outdoor LED lights products

LED street lights

led street lamps

Name:20W LED street lights


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led road lights

Name:28W LED street lights


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led street lamp

Name:36W LED street lights


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LED garden lights

led garden light

name: LED garden lights-01

model: NB-B115-020-20T

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courtyard light

name: LED garden lights-02

model: NB-B115-036-36T

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led landscape light

name: LED garden lights-03

model: NB-B115-045-45T

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